James Thomas

Called 1999

Jim Thomas is an experienced advocate regularly prosecuting and defending in the most serious criminal cases.

Jim has substantial experience as leading junior counsel in complex cases with specialist knowledge and experience in multi- defendant organized crime cases. He has been a top grade (grade 4) CPS prosecutor for several years and since 2012 listed on the CPS specialist advocate panels for Organised crime and Proceeds of Crime confiscation.

In recent years Jim has also developed a specialist knowledge and expertise in fatal road traffic cases.

Jim has a detailed working knowledge of and experience representing in cases involving offences under The Copyright Designs and Patents Act, Trade Marks Act, Trade Descriptions Act and associated counterfeiting and fraud offences.

Jim is public access qualified and able to receive instructions direct from the public.

Jim has been involved in advocacy training on the advanced advocacy course for Bar students at Kaplan Law school in London and has previously lectured to students as part of the Bar Speakers in Schools scheme.

A keen sportsman Jim also has an interest in Sports Law and has advised a number of sports professionals and the British Ski and Snowboard organisation. He recently chaired a selection appeal panel for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games

Cases conducted as leading and junior counsel alone include:

R v Talbot – Murder of father by his son
R v Feverier – single punch Manslaughter
R v Chouhaib and others – Large scale cocaine importation
R v Clifford and others – False Imprisonment and Torture
R v Sarasia and others – £10 million heroin importation
R v Bisgrove – Breach of Iran control order – exporting nuclear testing equipment to Iran capable of use in the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.
R v Sherriff – gang related shooting
R v Charles and others – armed robberies, car key burglaries and export of high value stolen vehicles to SouthAfrica
R v Jhawar – S18 GBH baby shaking
R v Gedi – Stranger Rape
R v Akyampong – child rape
R v Fearon and others – Firearms and aggravated burglaries
R v Harkin – Nationwide country house antique burglaries

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