Justin Wigoder

Called 1977

Sits as a Recorder, not just in crime but also civil and family (both Private and Public).

Specialist practitioner in fraud and other heavy crime.

Cases undertaken in 2011 include:

Defence for Sankey, £20 million patent fraud relating to engineering products. Following skeleton argument re abuse and non-disclosure prosecution offered no evidence. Case currently investigation by Christopher Rose as part of enquiry into CPS failings re disclosure arising out of Nottingham Power Station case.

Defence for Paul Slack. Million pound international boiler room fraud based in Thailand, victims in UK.

Defence for Healey, professor in computing, in relation to allegations of breach of restraint order (trial to commence in late October).

Initially pro bono, acted on behalf of a particularly difficult client (who had made successful complaints to Law Society about trial solicitors) in appealing to CCA against a confiscation order made at his trial, and obtained return to him of £85,000 previously confiscated.

Other cases this year have included a “cash for crash” conspiracy at Leicester Crown Court (4 weeks); theft employee by falsification of computer pay records; blackmail (proper one with guns, arson, covert tapes and surveillance, marked notes etc); conspiracy to supply drugs; and junior in a murder trial.

Over the past couple of years 10 week trial in Liverpool (Customs prosecution, VAT fraud, appearing for the accountant); various substantial cases of theft from aged relatives/those in care, both prosecution and defence; mortgage frauds, again both prosecution and defence; as well as usual typical work as senior junior of dishonesty, violence, sex and drugs.

Other interests include the theatre, art, food, and sport, particularly cricket and football.

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