Peter Joyce QC

Called to the Bar: 1968
Queen’s Counsel: 1991
Bencher Inner Temple: 2000
Assistant Recorder: 1982
Recorder: 1986
Sat as Recorder: 1982-2013
Head of Chambers: 2004-2011
Leader of the Midland Circuit: 2005-2008
Advocacy Trainer (teaching both advocates and others to train) since 1995 for the Inner Temple, Grays Inn, Midland Circuit and the Bahamas Bar
Member of the Bar Council: 2005-2008
Circuit Criminal Bar Association Representative: 2003-2005

I was the last pupil of Tom Heald (later HHJ Heald) at 24 The Ropewalk, Nottingham. He told me that to survive at the Bar I would need to thrive on lack of sleep, have stamina and be lucky. I have been fortunate in all three respects.

24 The Ropewalk was to be my professional home for the next twenty three years until 1 High Pavement was set up under the leadership of John Milmo QC to form a specialist criminal set.

At The Ropewalk I enjoyed a mixed practice including family, divorce, landlord and tenant, contract, tort, personal injury and crime. Towards the end of my time there my practice became almost exclusively one of heavy crime – mainly serious sexual offences against both children and adults and serious violence and robberies. As a Junior I prosecuted the first case involving the use of a live television link in the case of R v Taylor and sixteen others, members of the same extended family.

Upon the foundation of 1 High Pavement on 1st January 1990 my practice became exclusively criminal with only the occasional foray into other areas of work.

As a Recorder I maintained an interest in and contact with other areas: civil (including professional negligence) and family.

Taking silk in 1991 I have been lucky enough to enjoy a very substantial practice, being involved in many of the most high profile cases in the East Midlands (both prosecuting and defending). I have appeared in a large variety of cases, sexual offences, armed robberies, drugs, fraud, money laundering but mainly offences of homicide. I would estimate that I have been involved in well over 250 murder cases.

I have appeared regularly over the years in the Legal 500 as one of the top silks on Circuit and for many years in similar vein in the Chambers Directory. This year’s entry refers to my huge experience and the fact that I have worked on a vast number of murder cases. It details my strengths as: ”He knows all the tricks of the trade; he is phenomenal, with real charisma”.

Between 1991 and 2001 my diet was principally murder and included cases such as:

R v Auger murder of a baby aged 18 months
R v James poisoning with a horse drug of a vet’s wife
R v Sleet + White murder of a child by stepfather and mother
R v Byron murder of 2 year old and serious injuries to three other children
R v Coyne murder of postman on his rounds by fellow postman
R v Jenkinson attempted murders of three elderly patients by nurse
R v Bass murder of elderly woman by daughter
R v Raymond murder of father by son, including beheading
R v Smith +
Marriott gangland execution in Smithland Woods, Leicestershire
R v Marshall murder of 16 year old outside shop in front of youth’s mother

Other cases in that time included:

R v Green multi-count Indictment against doctor for indecent assault of schoolboys and married couples
R v Beck Head of residential children’s homes assaulting sexually and violently 370+ victims
R v Elmore Davies Merseyside Chief Inspector and Liverpool gangsters’
+ 8 others conspiracy to pervert in corrupting a trial for the attempted murder of a police officer
R v R House of Lords case in which marital rape was declared to be an offence
R v Marshall + 7 men involved in kicking to death a man who intervened to others stop a fight
R v Harris + Harris mother and father denying 9 year old daughter insulin, dying from untreated diabetes
R v Martin murder of child by mother’s new partner
R v Antoniou + murder in High Peak. Head of body found in Bedfordshire

Since 2001 my practice has continued as above and includes:


R v Jordan + Hancock Dissemination of extreme right wing racial material
(Leeds Crown Court)

R v Shaffi Major drugs supplier – £23 k per day takings – articled (Bradford Crown Court) clerk police informant

R v Leedham + Others Post-Dunblane 9m compensation fraud involving police (Sheffield) officers + gun dealers

R v Staniforth Murder of woman by group of 5


R v Roper Multi-million pound money-laundering – “State created (Southwark) crime by Met Police” ruling by Judge

R v Jobling Murder of baby by father – psychiatric issues

R v Toseland + Others Murder – case stayed, exercise yard bugged by police

R v Allen Murder of night-watchman by burglar at chocolate (Nottingham) factory

R v Assani + Maddison Murder following robbery of stranger in street

R v Karl Rose Murder in pub in Worksop


R v Loughran Murder ten years before by drowning of 2 year old – (Nottingham) Munchausen by proxy case

R v Ashraf Drug related murder by 9 men at traffic island in (Leeds) Keighley

R v C Rose Murder in Worksop street by brother of Karl Rose (Nottingham) (above)

R v Ullah Murder of opposing drug gang leader by shooting (Sheffield) through car window

R v Winfield Series of armed robberies

R v Bola Woman shot in back of the head. Leading case on (Nottingham) “anonymous witnesses”


R v Parfitt Murder of police officer on duty

R v Griggs-Booth Nurse charged with killing 3 patients

R v Stevens + Austin Police Officer and CPS caseworker – conspiracy to (Old Bailey) pervert

R v O’Brien Gangland shooting – leading to murder in Skegness of (Nottingham) Defendant’s parents

R v Ferry Involved illicit covert recordings by police


R v Dyche Killing of former girlfriend by shooting after forcing her (Nottingham) car off the road

R v Iqbal Conspiracy to murder – solicitor involved as Defendant

R v McKenzie Gangland shooting

R v Kelly + Andrews Drive-by shooting of 14 year old girl on way home from (Nottingham) Goose Fair


R v Tett Murder charge against man sectioned under MHA while (Nottingham) in secure institution

R v Nolan Criminal Cases Review Commission referral relating to (Court of Appeal) conviction for murder 23 years earlier

R v Fray Attempted murder of police officer

R v Waqar Ahmed 1st trial. Murder following racial disturbances

R v Byard Murder of child 19 years before – new medical (Nottingham) evidence

R v Thomas Attempt murder by shooting of policewoman on duty


R v Smikle Sado-sexual killing and rapes by former boyfriend (Nottingham) involving filming of sexual acts

R v Salmon Gang shooting murder

R v Hollins Senior CPS administrator charged with drug and sexual (Worcester case) offences

R v Assani + Others Derby killing by man previously acquitted of another (Nottingham) murder

R v Gordon Attempt murder in Broad Street, Birmingham with (Birmingham) machine gun

R v Brooks Shaken baby killing

R v Ahmed Honour killing in Leeds park


R v Anguige Death by dangerous driving – 3 teenage girls killed

R v Nathan Gordon Retrial – Machine gun attempted murder on Broad (Birmingham) Street, Birmingham

R v Nash Armed robberies of high value jewellers across the (Birmingham) country

R v Lee Honour killing murder in Yorkshire

R v Childe Murder over theft of cannabis crop by rival

R v Warrington + Others Murder of elderly demented father by alcoholic son and (Leicester) friends

R v Watts Man charged with rapes of 5 separate women

R v Smith Murder of elderly female neighbour by man who had (Nottingham) made her a will in his own favour


R v Brown Assisting offenders charged with shooting 16 year old (Nottingham) on street in Nottingham years before

R v Nelson Attempt murder rival gang

R v Waqar Ahmed Re-trial following quashing of conviction over police (Birmingham) not disclosing covert material

R v Ashley Campbell + 2 Others Shooting of 15 year old in park in Derby – gang (Nottingham) warfare

R v Bacon + 3 Others Planned killing by wife and son of man outside his own (Nottingham) home


R v Rowbotham Killing by arson of woman in her own home at night

R v Waqar Ahmed 2nd re-trial over racial killing

R v Knox Murder of child aged 2 many years previously – fresh (Nottingham) medical evidence

R v Stokes, Griffin + Tirado Shooting outside Nottingham Club

R v Cheetham Shooting of taxi driver at remote railway station in (Nottingham) Derbyshire – summoned to be killed with no connection to killer

R v Johnson Rape involving drunken woman stranger


R v Stokes Re-trial for murder by shooting outside Nottingham Club

R v Coleman Local celebrity charge with shooting up car on M1

R v Khan Machine gunning – 17 bullets hit victim, over personal (Manchester) rivalries and drugs in Oldham

R v Higgins Murder of woman in her home by strangulation and cutting her throat

R v Barnes Stabbing in street after row over football match

R v Shahid,Zahid and Rafiq Road rage killing of another driver

R v Slivnik Axe in head killing


R v Burnett Stabbing in neck ‘sex game’ murder of former girlfriend

R v Shreeves, Scott, Dale and Collinge Murder of man in his home by men brought back by his wife

R v Peter Smith Murder of an elderly housebound woman by her neighbour who had created a will for her in his own favour

Rv Tariq, Rajpoot and Rostron Road rage killing and assisting offender to evade justice

R v North and Barker Killing in a house in Oakham following a drug fuelled row


R v Aaron Smith Following and stabbing victim outside his parents home (Leeds)

R v Curtis and Holmes Torture and murder of elderly victim by members of the travelling community looking for victim’s cash hoard
R v Kelly Defending man suffering from functional non epileptic seizures for killing in resisting unwanted advances (Court of Appeal – leave granted on conduct of prosecutor)

R v Elliot, Hall and Chapman Killing of householder by men bursting in to attack him

R v Edwards Killing of youth in stabbing following dispute between rival gangs

R v Christie Killing of fellow prisoner in prison cell


R v Robinson Gangland shooting outside pub in Nottingham following a series of ‘tit for tat’ shootings

R v Lockhart and Griffiths Stabbing in quiet residential street by couple out looking for drugs

R v Hamblett-Sewell Court of Appeal ordered retrial (fresh evidence) involving the shooting of a fifteen year old in a Derby park in a dispute between rival gangs

R v Raynor Victim invited into Flat for drink and beaten to death

R v Edwards and Edwards Double murder many years before by married couple of the woman’s elderly parents by shooting with a .45 revolver. Buried in garden followed by many years false claims on pensions,etc. Over £400,000 harvested.Expert evidence re guns, maggots, rigor mortis ,etc

R v Comrie Stabbing with home made weapon of fellow inmate in prison

R v Tsang Carefully planned killing of ex wife over contact dispute concerning their child. Alibi destroyed by CCTV, Cell site and Satnav evidence


R v Marcinkiewic-Szukowski Murder trial in which the body had never been found

R v Titheridge Killing of violent alcoholic partner by alcoholic woman by stabbing in their home.(Trial aborted after prison stopped defendant’s medication)

R v Owczarczyk Killing by beating by group of alcoholics of ‘friend’ in house

R v Shreeves, Scott and Collinge Retrial ( ordered by Court of Appeal on fresh evidence) of 2012 case

R v Adnan, Zulqurnain and Johnson Murder of young man in street in city centre by stabbing involving gang of marauding youths

R v Murray Attempted murder and other s.18s in Derby street


R v Simon Eyre Triple killings of three people, including a baby, by setting fire to a house

R v O’Mahoney, Thomas and Manunebo Attempted Murder by shooting of an innocent student sitting in his car by drug gang who mistook him as their target following a gun attack half an hour earlier on the home of one of them in Leicester

R v Greenhalgh Anal rape of (ex) partner

R v Watts Killing of Elderly man walking his dog by drunken university student who did not know him

R v Titheridge Retrial of case aborted in 2015

R v Mohammed Street knifing by 15 year old early evening in Derby city centre

R v Sian Street stabbing of one of two brothers who had waylaid him by youth armed with a knife

R v Browne-Evans and McDiarmid killing by young drug dealers of man who (under the influence of drugs) broke into the house where they were staying to rob them

R v White Killing of drug dealer after bursting into his home

R v ‘X’ and ‘Y’ Murder by two 14 year olds of a mother and her 13 year old daughter whilst they slept in their beds in Spalding. A planned remorseless killing. The two youngest double murderers in recent criminal history.


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