Simon Eckersley

Called – 1996 (Lincoln’s Inn)
Recorder – 2015 (North Eastern Circuit)
Recorder – Serious Sexual Offences – 2017.
Facilitator – ‘Advocacy and the Vulnerable’ (Midland Circuit)
Simon both defends and prosecutes in a number of areas which include the following:

• murder and attempted murder;
• manslaughter (both unlawful act and gross negligence);
• serial rape and child sex abuse; and
• serious fraud
• high value drugs cases
Cases in which Simon has been instructed:
2018: – R v Ahmed – 12-week immigration conspiracy (Manchester CC – current instructions)
2017: – R v Walker – 6-week drug conspiracy trial (current instructions).
2017: – R v French – 6-week drug conspiracy trial (current instructions).
2017: – R v Bailey – Unlawful Act Manslaughter (current instructions).
2017: – R v H – historical abuse of children (current instructions)
2017: – R v O – Child Cruelty.
2017: – R v Richardson (Junior) – Murder, pleaded to Manslaughter.
2017: – R v Khan – 15-handed drug conspiracy.
2017: – R v Lowther – Multi-handed conspiracy to blackmail; money-laundering.
2017: – R v Harding – Arson with Intent to Endanger Life.
2017: – R v W – Historical abuse of children.
2016: – R v Clarke – cash in transit robbery conspiracy.
2016: – R v Usher – 3 ½ month trial – conspiracy to kidnap / blackmail / robbery / PCJ.
2016: – R v Maling – (junior) – Unlawful Act Manslaughter.
2016: – R v Ali – Multi-handed drug conspiracy.
2016: – R v Miah – human trafficking / modern slavery.
2016: – R v Jacks – Fraudulent Trading Conspiracy (targeting the vulnerable / elderly re house repairs)
2016: – R v Eyre – (junior) Lead defendant in 3 handed, multiple Murder allegations.
2015: – R v Scrimshaw – Death by dangerous driving.
2015: – R v Khan – Lead defendant in an 8-week trial for attempted s18 / Violent Disorder.
2015: – R v Richmond – Lead defendant in 5-week trial for conspiracy to produce drugs / money laundering.
2015: – R v Jepson – modern slavery.
2015: – R v Durrant – drug conspiracy / money laundering.
2015: – R v Nguyen – conspiracy to kidnap / blackmail.
2015: – R v McGuire – conspiracy to rob / PCJ.
Other cases of note: -
R v Dickinson – [2014] – (junior) – multi-handed Murder.
R v Ankle – [2014] – Multi-handed drug conspiracy.
R v Eke – [2013] – Multi-handed fraudulent marriage.
R v Carl Powell [2012] – Junior defence counsel in the nationally reported case of the sexually motivated murder of Caroline Coyne.

R v Mkamdawire and others [2012]
Defence counsel for one of 16 defendants involved in a conspiracy to steal high value and prestige vehicles and transport them to Africa for onward distribution.

R v Robinson and others [2012]
Defence counsel for one of the ‘Nottingham Rioters’ said to have attacked Canning Circus Police Station with firebombs during the National spate of rioting. Of a large number of defendants, was one of only six who went on to have a trial.

R v Rowley and others [2012]
Defence counsel for one defendant charged in relation to a large-scale fraud alleged to have been perpetrated against the DWP, said to involve over 100 individuals.

R v Claxton [2011]
Defence counsel representing a client charged with the Attempted Murder of his partner. As both parties were alcoholics and had significant involvement with the police, the resulting third-party disclosure triggered detailed legal argument in relation to Bad Character Evidence.

R v B [2011]
Defending in a case involving a historical allegation of rape and sexual assault, committed over a period of nearly two decades, against multiple complainants. The case involved advice and argument in relation to substantial social services disclosure (directly leading to acquittal on specific counts) as well as the cross examination of vulnerable complainants.

R v Xu [2011]
Defence counsel in a trial of three Chinese students implicated in a sophisticated credit and debit card fraud involving stores such as Harrods and Selfridges.

Simon spends his leisure time with his family, gardening, poetry, enjoying the occasional round of golf, watching all forms of sport and good food and wine. He is an avid cyclist and triathlete, competing in distances up to Ironman.

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