Equality and Diversity Policy

Policy Statement

No.1 High Pavement Chambers is committed to the equality and diversity code published by the General Council of the Bar. In particular:

a) Chambers’ equality and diversity policy covers all aspects of its operations including barristers,pupils, staff and relationships with clients.
b) Chambers is committed to ensuring that no forms of discrimination are practised by Chambers or any organisations or individuals with which it is associated in any way.
c) Chambers is similarly committed to ensuring that clients and organisations shall be entitled to equality of opportunity irrespective of race, colour, ethnic or national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation or disability.
d) Chambers will not tolerate any form of harassment and will take all necessary steps to ensure that its members, pupils and employees are not subject to harassment.
e) Chambers is committed to observance of good practice in respect of granting maternity and paternity leave.


At 1 High Pavement we strive to provide an excellent service but in the event that our service falls short of expectations all complaints must be lodged with the Senior Clerk at 1 High Pavement. Chambers recognises that it is important to deal with any complaints in a professional and sensitive manner.
Complaints will be acknowledged within 72 hours of their receipt and will be dealt with according to Chambers’ Policies and Procedures.

Diversity Data (based on declared data)

Last staff position advertised
Applicants: Male 60% Female 40%; successful applicant female