David Outterside

Called 2004 (Inner Temple)

University of Nottingham (2000 – 2003)
Nottingham Law School (2003 – 2004)

David has an excellent reputation for prosecuting and defending the most serious sexual and violent offences. He also has considerable experience in large fraud and drug supply cases. He has conducted a great many trials involving vulnerable witnesses and sensitive issues.
His jury trials in the Crown Court over the years include the following:

R v Kuzmarskis & Zaremba (2010) – Led by Greg Dickinson QC. Two handed manslaughter of a young Lithuanian man (received ‘red bag’).
R v Choudry (2011) – Sexually activity with children.
R v Lindo (2011) – Arson with intent to endanger life.
R v Wilson & others (2012) – Seven handed firearms and violence prosecution.
R v Krawiec & Pieszak (2012) – Two handed robbery of a man in his home at gun point.
R v Pospisil & others (2012) – Three handed sham marriage (immigration offences)
R v Konadu (2012) – Three handed ID theft (immigration and perjury offences)
R v Nyugen, Le and others (2013) – Four handed cannabis production trial. A warehouse in Leicester converted to allow the growing of over £1million worth of cannabis.
R v Abdullah (2013) – Serial sexual attacker who preyed upon four separate victims in Derby.
R v Coward (2013) – Sexual assault and rape of a child.
R v Nicky Suddons (2013) – The Defendant received a second life sentence after he attempted, whilst on day release from prison, to rape a woman in a Grantham park whilst she walked her dog.
R v Wright (2014) – Sexual assault upon a child.
R v Jass (2015) – Possession of a loaded Smith and Wesson revolver in Radford, Nottingham.
R v Peacock (2015) – Domestic rape.
R v Khan (2016) – Four handed car ringing and fraud.
R v Madar, Amir & Gulzar (2016) – Three handed armed robbery of a Leicester jewellers.
R v Matthieson (2017) – Sexual assault by penetration after a party in Derby.
R v Powell (2017) – Harassment, stalking, dreadful domestic violence and sexual assault upon a former partner.
R v O’Brien (2018) – Sexual assault on a family member over 30 years ago.
R v Dyer, Hughes & others (2018) – Four handed fraud trial. Theft from four elderly victims by a carer who passed stolen cheques on to a confidence trickster.
R v Rabani (2018) – Sexual abuse of a boy by his Imam in a Mosque some 25 years ago.

R v Buckley (2011) – Aggravated burglary.
R v Sanghera (2011) – Identification in issue regarding allegations of sexual assaults on women in public.
R v H.M. (2012) – Defence of a sixteen year old for sexual assault.
R v Braddock (2012) – Five handed section 18 wounding trial.
R v Raymond (2012) – Two handed section 18 and aggravated burglary.
R v Barnfield (2014) – Alleged that the Defendant sexually assaulted his step-daughter.
R v Maylor (2014) – Led by Malcolm Swift QC. Alleged murder. Death following a fight between inmates in HMP Doncaster.
R v Doherty (2014) – Section 18 and dangerous driving. The Defendant was accused of trying to seriously harm a truck driver and his dog with an axe.
R v Greaves (2015) – Mortgage fraud.
R v Baktiar Mahmoud (2015) – A DNA hit led to the trial of this Defendant for rape on a Derby cycle track in 2001.
R v Alyas (2015) – Defence of one of the lead Defendants in a two month violent disorder trial at Nottingham.
R v G.C. (2016) – Sexual assaults on girls in the Defendant’s family. The youngest victim cross examined was 4 years old.
R v P.C. (2016) – Rapes upon two family members by the Defendant.
R v Hussain (2016) – Section 18 with a baseball bat upon a man causing life changing injuries.
R v W (2016) – Sexual assault upon granddaughter.
R v Jaydon Roberts Barton (2017) – Led by Peter Joyce QC. Robbery, torture and murder of a man in his home.
R v Benjamin (2017) – Theft from elderly people in the Defendant’s care. 85 year old woman cross examined.
R v Bullivant (2018) – Conspiracy to supply drugs (Operation Umpire).
R v Khalid Ahmed (2018) – Section 18 upon a man who had no memory of the incident.
R v Lewis (2018) – Robbery in the home.
R v G.R. (2018) – Grave and historic allegations of child sex abuse.

In his free time David enjoys travel, politics, football and history.

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